• Though progressive, moderate, and traditional bishops, clergy, and laity signed the 2020 General Conference “Protocol” legislation, which would allow for an amicable division of our denomination, all progressive signers of that resolution pulled away from their commitment to still support it in the summer of 2022.

• The General Conference Commission postponed the General Conference that was to be held in 2022 until 2024, citing concerns over delegates acquiring visas and vaccinations for the event. The Wesley Covenant Association, United Methodist Women, World Council of Churches, and other denominations and organizations held events prior to the date for the 2022 General Conference, and their delegates were able to receive visas and vaccinations for their meetings. So, there is frustration over why many United Methodists groups and people of other denominations could attend those meetings, yet this critical meeting could not called.

• There are significant concerns over the handling of appointments that have been made for many traditional churches.

• There are also concerns over the shrinking pool of traditionalist pastors in the MS annual conference and throughout the United Methodist denomination.