We know each of you has many questions and concerns regarding this process. Here are some

resources to guide us along this difficult journey.

  • Disaffiliation is the process of withdrawing our church’s membership in the United Methodist Church.

    VIDEO RESOURCE: Bishop Scott Jones “Window to Exit” Window to Exit (Bishop Scott Jones) - YouTube

  • We have not already decided to disaffiliate. Right now, we are just in a period of prayerful consideration. We have formally requested a meeting with representatives of the Mississippi UMC Conference to give us financial costs and other information related to disaffiliation. After we receive that information (May 10), and after we have met as a congregation for information and discussion, we will send out a short survey to get a “Sense of the Church.” Based on the financial information and the Sense of the Church, the CSUMC Administrative Council may vote to officially enter the “Discernment Process.”

  • The Discernment Process will give the members of the church time to earnestly pray for God’s guidance concerning whether our church should disaffiliate. Following the period of discernment, we will attend a meeting of the congregation to cast our individual ballots.

  • As an administrative council, we have three primary concerns:

    1. Disconnection – lack of accountability                                        READ MORE ABOUT DISCONNECTION

    2. Distrust of bishops, seminaries, and more                            


    3. Doctrine - theological beliefs about a variety of issues


  • The exact cost to disaffiliate will be provided to us on May 10. The cost will include payment of our full mission shares for 2023 and 2024 and any unfunded financial liabilities associated with the pensions of our current and former pastors.

  • These three churches provide accurate and easy-to-read information about the important issues we face:

    Madison (MS) United Methodist Church, Christ Church (Memphis) and Asbury UMC (Birmingham)                                                               READ MORE FROM THESE CHURCHES HERE

  • The most complete places to find that info are the website of the United Methodist Church: What should United Methodist congregations know about disaffiliation? and the United Methodist News site.

    A good summary of the UMC opinions, taken from the Asbury UMC’s site, can be found below.


    For more information that the UMC is sharing concerning disaffiliation:

    Is The United Methodist Church really...? (Part 1) (

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    Connectional Conversations Webinar (

    Adam Hamilton Responds to Rob Renfroe: A Future with Hope - YouTube

    Adam Hamilton Responds to Rob Renfroe: Why UMC? - YouTube

  • Our Administrative Council will receive detailed instructions from the Mississippi UMC Trustees outlining the documentation and other requirements for disaffiliation.

  • The congregation of our church will decide what path we will follow. The Administrative Council will solicit input and make a recommendation to the congregation regarding possible re-affiliation.

    VIDEO RESOURCE                             Bishop Scott Jones (Denominational Options) - YouTube

    Possible options are to become a part of another denomination such as the Global Methodist Church, the Free Methodist Church, some other Methodist denomination, or join a network of like-minded churches. The transitional Book of Doctrine and Discipline of the Global Methodist Church (GMC), is very much like the UMC’s Book of Discipline. It contains significant accountability measures, it would be a more seamless transition for our church, and we would be aligning mostly with former and like-minded United Methodists who have joined with the GMC.

    VIDEO RESOURCES                          

    Rob Renfroe - Where Should We Go? - YouTube

    Bishop Scott Jones (Global Methodist Church) - YouTube

    Bishop Scott Jones - Advantages of the GMC - YouTube

    ARTICLE RESOURCES by Tom Lambrecht

    Good News Magazine

    There are many Wesleyan-related denominations. In fact, almost all Holiness and Pentecostal denominations trace their roots back to the influence of the early Methodists. The two denominations being most strongly considered by the vast majority of UMC churches considering disaffiliation are the Free Methodist Church and the Global Methodist Church. Our church is gathering information concerning both of them, as our deliberations move forward. There are definitely advantages and disadvantages to joining either of the denominations. One disadvantage of the GMC is that everything is not yet firmly set and settled. But that can also be an advantage, so you do not move into a long-established structure, and you get to be a voice in helping to establish the structure, if you join before all is firmly settled. It is both more messy and more exciting to be a part of anything new. In the case of the GMC, there is the very real possibility that it will be a larger denomination, with a more comprehensive global footprint than many or even most non-UMC Wesleyan denominations, within a brief period of time. The advantage of an established denomination is that there are no (or at least less) unknowns. Being part of something new carries with it some excitement and momentum that may not be as significant with an established denomination. There are pros and cons for both, but ultimately the right answer is determining the best fit for us so we can most fully glorify God, treasure Jesus Christ, love others, and make disciples of all peoples.

    For more information about these two denominations, you can visit their websites:

    Free Methodist Church

    Global Methodist Church

    For a comparison of the similarities and differences of the UMC, GMC and FMC see:



PRAY. Earnestly pray and seek the Lord in what you believe He would have us do. Search the scriptures.

Fast as led by the Spirit. Helpful information on fasting may be found here:

What Is Biblical Fasting, and How Does It Work?

Search the scriptures for yourself. God reveals His will through His word. Meditate on His word to discern what He is saying to you.

Please stay informed. Read all communications shared on this topic as information can change over time and we want to make sure everyone has the latest available information as we move towards decision-making.

Plan to participate in determining our church’s future by voting at the Church Conference, when it is scheduled.

Finally, be gracious to all. Some of us may hold different perspectives and viewpoints initially. Some of us process information differently. Let us seek to honor, respect, and be loving in all interactions throughout this discernment period. If you find you have more questions, please ask! You can email them to: